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Total service, regardless of your garage door brand

If you have a garage door that isn’t functioning, it’s more than just inconvenient. It’s also a major risk to the safety of your home and the people inside of it. Overhead Door Company of Wichita™ can help thanks to years of field experience and extensive training.

Our team is certified to care for all of your garage door needs, regardless of your brand. And with 24/7 emergency service at a reasonable price, you can get the long-term protection you need without spending a fortune.

Align or replace safety photo eyes

If your garage door isn’t shutting properly, there could be an issue with your photo eyes.

Photo eyes are designed to help ensure the safety of family members and pets alike, opening the door when its path is blocked. Improper alignment, however, can greatly impact its ability to operate properly. Our team of certified technicians in Wichita can quickly repair or replace any parts as needed.

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Test for UL 325 safety compliance

There’s more that goes into garage door opener maintenance than a quiet motor and easy operation.

The main point of a garage door opener is its safety. UL 325 is a Safety Standard for all residential garage door openers. Our certified technicians in Wichita are able to comprehensively test garage door openers all across Southern Kansas. This will help ensure compliance, with the capability to repair parts when necessary.

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Adjust force setting along with open and close limits

Garage door openers need proper care and maintenance, due to their tendency to wear over time.

Older openers specifically may need an adjustment to the downforce setting to maintain safety and functionality. High downforce settings put your door and opener at risk for premature damage. Fortunately, our team in Wichita is professionally trained to assist you in diagnosing this issue and resolving it promptly. Not only that, all new garage door openers will automatically adjust the downforce setting each time the garage door moves.

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Replace broken gear and sprocket

Have you ever run into an issue where it sounds like your garage door is operating, but isn’t moving?

It could be due to a hanging chain or belt, which may indicate a broken gear or socket. Unfortunately, these parts are highly prone to wear and tear over time. Give our professional team a call and we can review pricing options and, ultimately, enhance the lifespan of your door.

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Local service. Lasting results.

Overhead Door Company of Wichita™️ is proud to be a company that serves its community. Since we’ve opened our doors, our team has made it our mission to build trust in both Wichita and communities all across Southern Kansas.

Our commitment to providing area homeowners with superior service and the highest quality products is unmatched. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. Each of our repair, replacement, and installation solutions is designed to provide lasting results. All the while, our professional team will treat you like family while ensuring that each job is performed on time and within your budget.

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